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ICBC and Driving Schools in Surrey

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We offer convenient scheduling six days a week.

Helping Center

We help nervous drivers and the elderly 24*7.

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We offer quality service at reasonable rates.

Training Car

We offer the use of the training car for road tests.

It is a test based on the official Driver’s Handbook and will quiz you on BC road signs and rules, driving and parking regulations and techniques, vehicle licensing and registration information in British Columbia. Each of the 50 questions will provide 4 options to choose from.
No, You don’t have to! We provide complete study materials with practice tests and list of possible questions to help you prepare for the Knowledge test
There is no fixed hours in which a student learns, some learn fast, some catch up in a little more time. Generally a new driver requires about 40 hours of lessons to drive confidently and safely.
The first step is to take your knowledge test. This involves a written/MCQ test of about 40 minutes. Once passed, the student is eligible to start taking driving lessons and book a Road Driving Test. Once the road driving test is passed, the student is cleared to drive on the road (with restrictions applied of their individual license types)

Our prices are very reasonable and can be found on our pricing page.

After you first failed attempt you must wait atleast 2 weeks before retaking the test. Second failed attempt : 1 month, and after a 3rd fail attempt one must wait 6 months before retaking the driving test.
No, Midtown Driving School provides all the training and related material if required.
All Our instructors are GLP certified by ICBC
The Road Test is approximately 45 minutes long, during which the ICBC executive will check your adherence of speed limits, parallel parking, hill parking, 2 and 3 point turns, and general safe driving.

You can go ahead and fill in the Calendar here. The registration process is completely online and you may check the available slots and reserve your class.

Just looking for lessons?

Whether you are an existing driver or a new driver who needs help preparing for road test we have package options that can help you.