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4 Good Tips to Know Before Your First Driving Lesson

Now that you’ve completed your homework and picked a driving instructor, you are ready to take the wheel for the first time while under supervision. It’s a significant milestone that may come with a little bit of anxiety. 

Thankfully, you can be much more prepared if you know what to expect from your first driving lesson. A new experience will go much better if you know what to expect.

To help you ease into your first driving lesson, here are four good tips you must know:

1. Come in Class Prepared

Your first driving lesson will go a lot smoother if you have everything you need to get you through the first lesson. Literally getting your things together beforehand will also prevent you from scrambling at the last minute.

For instance, you should have an easy-to-read map of your city, a bottle of water and some snacks or light lunch, a pen and paper for taking notes, and emergency phone numbers on your speed dial.

2. Prepare for a Little Bit of Everything

The first lesson will cover the basics and introduce you to the car, the instructor, the driving environment, and the driving skills you will be expected to master. 

No matter how well you prepared yourself, your first driving lesson will be a little overwhelming. There will be a load of pressure to learn quickly, and you’ll be learning a lot at once.

3. Brace Yourself for Various Tests

Your instructor will make sure you are ready to take your test by building your confidence in your driving skills. This is necessary since you must have your confidence level up to feel comfortable following your instructor’s instructions. Remember, confidence is the key to performing well on your test.

Even if your driving instructor takes you to a challenging route with the turns and inclines you dread, trust your instructor and remain calm. Making turns on command or driving uphill without trouble are essential driving skills. You’ll also learn to park correctly, which the instructor might want you to do in a busy street or a full parking lot. 

In addition, you might be taken aback by how daytime and nighttime driving are different, but these are essential driving skills. You must learn how to drive in all kinds of weather and various times of the day. 

As your instructor asks you to do multiple driving tasks, you’ll discover how to deal with obstacles, pedestrians and other drivers. So, when you start feeling nervous, remember to pay close attention to what your instructor is telling you. You’ll find out that it’s easier to maneuver if you’re calm and collected.

4. It Might Be Harder Than You Think

It can be uncomfortable when you first sit behind the steering wheel of a car. It can feel like your knees are too high to fit comfortably, or it may seem like your arms are too far apart to reach the steering wheel.

The driver needs to control the car with its many buttons, levers, and switches. The brake, gas, and clutch pedals may confuse you as you pop your foot on and off. The more time you spend with your driving instructor, the easier it will be to get comfortable behind the wheel.

It may take a few days, but with time, you will be so comfortable in the driver’s seat that it will become your second home. You will no longer be nervous when driving, and you’ll be amazed at how much you will learn in a short time.


Most first-time drivers find that their first experience will be memorable for good or bad reasons. As such, you should prepare yourself for the best experience possible and for optimum results during your first driving lesson.

When you come prepared, you will enjoy the experience better and get excited about your next driving lesson. Take your time, progress at your own speed and try to enjoy the experience.

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