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Top 7 Questions People Have about Their Driver’s Ed

If you have signed up for drivers’ ed classes, your ultimate goal is to gather the right knowledge and experience for defensive and safe driving. This can be a great confidence boost. 

But before you get behind the wheel, you will want to arm yourself with some important facts. Still, many people are curious about their driver’s ed experience. 

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the top seven questions students often ask regarding driver’s ed:

How Much Does It Cost to Learn How to Drive?

The price for driver’s ed depends on your state. It will be based on the number of hours you take in class. You should also factor in the number of hours you spend taking lessons behind the wheel.

It is recommended to complete at least fifty hours of classroom education and ten hours of behind-the-wheel training. This should give you a good understanding of the road and be prepared for your driving test.

Why Is it Necessary to Learn from Professional and Experienced Instructors?

Driver’s ed is a must for new drivers. Instructors are more than someone who will teach you how to drive.

They are responsible for your safety on the road. That said, you should be using the same driving instructor throughout your courses.

They will understand your strengths and weaknesses, and you can build up a strong relationship with them. This will also ensure that you get the best possible training.

How Do You Determine a Good Driving Instructor?

Safety and patience are crucial when picking a good driving instructor. They should have an excellent understanding of what you need to learn while also making you feel comfortable behind the wheel.

You should also work well with your instructor. After all, you will be spending a lot of time with them.

What Are the Requirements to Complete the Driving Test?

You need to complete your classes plus driving for 120 days in most cases. These courses will be at least five hours behind the wheels and thirty-four hours of instruction within the classroom. 

You should spend a few hours outside of class studying the rules and regulations of the road, hand signals of a vehicle, and driving safety.

Do You Need a Driver’s Permit before Starting the Course?

You must have a valid driver’s permit to complete this course successfully. Though there are exceptions, you should check with your state first.

You must know that you cannot drive before you reach sixteen years. However, you can take a written test at age fifteen or younger with parental permission.

Is the Driving School’s Schedule Flexible?

The flexibility of a driving school’s schedule depends on your instructor and the course provider. Some classes may be more flexible than others. 

It’s best to schedule lessons around your work and family commitments. If possible, try to complete the course when your schedule is most free.

What Happens When You Pass the Course?

Generally, you can take your driving test when you complete the course. You will also be given a certificate confirming you have completed your licence. 

As you may be aware, the state will check your certificate before issuing you a licence. It is advisable to keep your certification in life.


Driver’s ed is an essential course that everyone has to complete before getting their driver’s licence. It helps you understand the basics of road safety, improve your driving skills, and gain valuable experience. It is a must when it comes to becoming a responsible driver. Take advantage of the experts who are there to help you. Your course provider should also answer any questions you might have.

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